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Navigating Uncertainty

Insights report by TBWA\Australia

Posted 3 months ago

2020 what a year it has been already extreme bushfires in Australia, WW3 trending on Twitter and more recently COVID-19. TBWA\Australia have identified eight emerging cultural values for brands to consider as they navigate the next phases of change, based on cultural triggers and historical observations.


How I shipped my new design portfolio under 5 hours

Walking through a rapid iteration of my design portfolio made possible by Notion

Posted 3 months ago

Interaction designer Lennon Cheng walks though his process of setting up his design portfolio in under 5hrs. Proof that a portfolio with well presented information is still better than nothing and doesn't always have to be custom coded/designed.



Exploring the workings of the creative mind through the guise of a single word.

Posted 3 months ago

Creatives are too often asked the same questions about their processes, practices and background. From these questions, we rarely gauge a true or honest understanding of what it means to be creative from a personal and professional point of view. Word—Form aims to open a dialogue by challenging creatives to reflect on their processes in an indirect way.


Rainforest QA Is Hiring

Remote product design roles

Posted 3 months ago

Rainforest provides a complete solution to level up your QA process, from strategy and test design to execution and reporting. Apply now to join their team and build the best QA software out there.

JobsProduct DesignWork

Jobs Hub

Employer or recently unemployed?

Posted 3 months ago

The Australian Government now has a website devoted to jobs in todays changing times. Add your company if you have any openings and share widely.


Spotlight: Jordan Overbye

React, Vue, Gatsby, Serverless

Posted 4 months ago

Our first featured creative is Brisbane based web developer Jordan Overbye. Jordan works remotely for Thinkmill and is super interested in design systems, anything JS related and of course his dog Billy. He's also working on a bunch of open source projects including KeystoneJS, ThemeUI and Blocks.

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